Proposed Gateway East District

Gateway East is a largely undeveloped area of Boise that, due to its location and zoning, is a prime area to serve as the city's industrial hub. If approved as an urban renewal/economic development district, the Gateway East Study Area holds opportunity to solve public infrastructure deficiencies in the area southeast of the Boise Airport, revitalize the Eisenman Road corridor and enhance opportunities for economic and industrial development in the area.

The City of Boise has directed Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC), Boise’s redevelopment agency, to proceed with the Gateway East District formation process. Initial investigations began in early 2018 and the formal adoption of the proposed Gateway East District is anticipated to be complete before calendar year-end 2018. If completed in 2018, the Gateway East District will take effect January 1, 2019, remain an active district for 20 years, and terminate in year 2039.

The proposed district is located southeast of the Boise Airport. The study area is generally bounded by Federal Way to the north and east, Boise city limits to the south, and the Boise Airport to the west.

Gateway East Needs

  • Deteriorating or deteriorated structures on 30% of parcels
  • Deterioration of site or other improvements on 50% of parcels
  • Defective or inadequate street layout
    • 26% of the streets lack sidewalks on either side of the road
    • 11% of the roads don’t meet ACHD design guidelines for industrial use
    • 15% of the parcels have inadequate street access
  • Obsolete platting of open land parcels lacking street connectivity and too large to develop without subdivision
  • Need to upgrade utilities for future growth

Gateway East Opportunities

  • Improve Infrastructure– projects could include new sidewalks, roads and street lights. Investment in the study area could also provide access to activity centers for residents.
  • Diversify Boise’s Economy– industrial development can help local businesses expand and attract new businesses.
  • Leverage Landholdings – Use the 300-acres of city owned property to create a tax base for services in the community.
  • Plan for Growth Responsibly– Developing an Urban Renewal District is one of the few tools to plan and prepare for growth in this area responsibly and holistically.

The following documents have been produced as part of the district formation process and provide detailed information about the study area, project findings, and proposed plans.

Guiding Community Plans

The Gateway East District’s urban renewal plan will embody the existing community plans and policies that guide and regulate the district’s area. These guiding documents include: