Open House

Boise’s newly established Gateway East urban renewal district holds opportunity to diversify Boise’s economy, create quality jobs, and plan for industrial growth by improving infrastructure and promoting industrial development in and around Boise’s Airport Planning Area.

The digital open house is now closed.

The Gateway East District’s urban renewal plan embodies existing and approved community plans. CCDC has the ability to help the neighborhood invest in public infrastructure, mobility, and economic development projects throughout the neighborhood.

During the formation of this district, we asked community members to provide feedback on the Gateway East Urban Renewal District including two in-person and two digital open houses. We appreciate everyone who collaborated in this effort and provided input to help us finalize a district framework.

Digital Open House

  • Dates: September 13 – September 24
  • If you are unable to attend the Gateway East study area open houses, you can provide your input online through the form below. It will be included with other feedback received to help develop the Gateway East Urban Renewal Plan.
  • Open House Boards

  • The Gateway East Study Area lies within the Airport Planning Area for Blueprint Boise. A key goal of this planning area is to promote compatible industrial and airport-related development.